Blackout Roller Blinds for Outdoor Balcony - Hunter Douglas

Advanced Engineering with Contemporary Design

Hunter Douglas Sandwich Venetian Blind incorporates innovative design with optimum light control, functional architecture and fuss­ free maintenance. Designed for modern glass buildings, that demand a well-functioning solar control to avoid overheating and excess glare, Hunter Douglas Sandwich Venetian Blind provides the desired level of solar control, as well as privacy and glare control by its variable controls­ raising, lowering and tilting of louvres. The louvres reflect light and ensures the ability of the designer to create a desired level of room comfort. Depending on the type of system, a solar factor total of up to 5% can be achieved. A level of solar control can thereby be achieved which is comparable to that of an external shade.


 Reduces sunlight penetration up to 94%  Maintains comfortable room temperature  Reduces power consumption  Allows customized control over light entering the room  Reduces strain on eyes