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A Minimalistic Interpretation Of Elegance

The interior design of this loft-like mansion is inspired by the classic "Bauhaus" style, and what better than HunterDouglas Hunter soft window coverings to complement the minimalistic deoration of the rooms?
The living room is bathed in light thanks to the floor-to-ceiling window that covers one entire wall. In order to retain the natural daylight, but filter out its harshness, the designer chose to install two tiers of motorized Hunter Douglas SILHOUETTE® Window Shadings. The pure white sheer fabric and the predominantly black and white colors of the interior reflect the personality of the occupant, showing a taste for understatement and subtlety.
The dining area makes use of the same white SILHOUETTE® Window Shadings, that in open position help to retain the sense of transparency, and with closed vanes make it possible to enjoy the meal in an atmosphere of comfortable privacy.
The bathroom space is a private area, where the overall simple European atmosphereis continued for optimal relaxation. The straight lines of the light blue DUETTE® Honeycomb Shadehelp to reveal the essence of the Bauhaus style.

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East Meets West

The interior of this mansion, located on the edge of the Fuchun River, uses a mix of Chinese and Western styles. Aim was to do justice to the rich and exquisite history of the home, but still to bring in enoughmodern elements to give the space a new vitality.
The living room and the tea room have been endowed with clearly distinct atmospheres. The living room is made up in soothing colors and presents a playful contrast between the straight lines of the walls and soft organic shapes of the furniture. Beautiful, dark HunterDouglas® SILHOUETTE® shades create a slightly opulent texture; Far from blocking the view, the SILHOUETTE®shades soften the incoming sunlight, and provide a frame for the splendidoutside scenery.
The tea room is rendered into a modern Chinese style. While the dark Hunter Douglas COUNTRY WOODS® Wood Blinds are clearly a Western element, their neat lines blend in perfectly with the overallclassic oriental décor. By combining a variety of rich materials, a luxurious and stylish home atmosphere is created.
Such is the visual beauty of fused Chinese and Western styles, both ancient and modern.

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A Functional and Comfortable Home

Throughout the apartment large ceiling-to-floor glass panels have been applied strategically, not only to allow the daylight flowing in freely and reduce the need for artificial lighting, but also to provide an extensive outside view and create a sense of freedom.
From there on it was a natural choice to introduce the soft sheer curtainsfrom Hunter Douglas the leading international window fashions brand.
Entering the living room gives a pleasant surprise, thanks to the elegant lines of the LUMINETTE sheer. Its unique light-filtering qualities enhance the whole interior and gently outline an atmosphere of luxury.
The bedroom uses pure white SILHOUETTE® shades. Theimmaculate horizontal vanes beautifully pair with the ceiling and heighten the sense of openness and tranquilitythat the decoration inspires.
The spacious walk-in wardrobe also uses pure a white SILHOUETTE® shade. Simply by opening and closing the vanes, you can enjoy the beautiful decoration by daylight, or, alternatively, create a delicate private space.
In the bathroom, the same SILHOUETTE® helps to preserve privacy. It matches perfectly with the ceiling and bathtub and so presents an intriguing contrast to the marble tone of the ceramic tiles.

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Quanzhou, China

In this mansion the objective was to create a luxurious space in European style, by using high-grade Siena marble, crystal lamps and elegantly styled furniture of the best quality. In some areas highly decorative and luxurious wall paper was used, with beige as the main tone, all this to create a warm and romantic atmosphere.
The windows are decorated with a mix of Hunter Douglas Silhouette® horizontal and Luminette® vertical sheers in white, so that natural light can be preserved and reflected and the interior is shown in all its beauty.

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Home For A Well-Read Family

Creating a haven of peace in a busy city is many people’s dream. The owner of this apartment wanted just that: a place of quiet meditation, for the family to enjoy their reading. The Interior Designer has wonderfully complied with the set task, using daylight as an essential decorative element, and filtering it with Hunter Douglas® shades.
The living room does not follow the traditional living room layout. There is no TV and no L-shaped lounge sofa. They have been replaced by a wall-mounted bookcase and a super-long stone countertop. Apart from a fervent reader, the owner is also an enthusiasticcalligrapher and was looking for an arrangement that better suited his passions. The large floor-to-ceiling glass windows on the front presented a challenge for the Designer. She abandoned the idea of using traditional fabric curtains and chose instead for PIROUETTE® Shades from HunterDouglas® Window Fashions. Four shades installed in a row give a smooth appearance, inducing calm after a busy day. When the vanes are opened, the Pirouette® Shades block up to 81% of ultraviolet rays, whereas with closed vanes this number goes up to 99%.
The apartment boasts two bedrooms, which have been decorated in remarkably contrasting styles: one is modern minimalistic, while the other recreates a retro European atmosphere. In both cases the Hunter Douglas SILHOUETTE® Shades are a perfect choice and naturally blend with the look and feel of the rooms.They convert the harsh direct sunlight into a soft, warm glow and help to create beautiful light and shadow effects.

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A Home In Gujarat

This house was designed for a joint family. “Our client’s basic requirement was to keep in touch with the surrounding nature without compromising on the family’s privacy.”This is how the choice for the window covering fell on Hunter Douglas Duette® DuoLite, which combines a sheer and another opaque honeycomb fabric in one single blind. The house is furthermore designed to provide each family group with their own private spaces, while also creating a common living environment.
"Our first and foremost requirement for the window covering products was to provide the best and most user-friendly operating systems to all the three generations of users in the house. This is how the choice came upon Hunter Douglas®."

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Family Residence In Chennai

The project is a residence for a family in Kotturpuram, Chennai. It has an entertainment room on the ground floor of the house and large floor-to-ceiling openings overlooking both the swimming pool and the garden. Luminette® Privacy Sheers provided the perfect solution thanks to its varied light control and privacy options. In general, with the ever larger and numerous windows that characterise contemporary spaces, it is getting more challengingto create privacy in an urban setting. "Tools like the Luminette definitely help! Even more so, because the noiseless motorized system could be effortlessly integrated to the home automation system."

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A bungalow In Kerala

This independent residential bungalow has two stories, connected by an open staircase. The well furnished interior follows a typical classical style, which fits well with the traditional long verandas and a large open central courtyard on the exterior. The front façade is made up by a large, continuous glass window facing the coutyard. "We were looking for a solutionto exploit the beauty of the coutyard at all times, while filtering the glare from direct sunlight and chose these beautiful Silhouette® Shades from Hunter Douglas®."

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Office Space In Wenge Tones

This commercial space showcases a minimalistic style with modern designs. This office space is well appointed with the use of veneers, leather laminates, textured wallpapers and large windows with Hunter Douglas Duette® Honeycomb Shades. Note how the Top-Down/Bottom-Up model is used to let in daylight, while blocking excessive light on the computer screen.

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Shadow In Zen Style

——"Fish need the water, as birds need the trees"

The idea of a "home" is highly personal. In this project it meant means centering on health and well-being, taking eco-friendliness as the main design criteria, and abandon the pursuit of luxury for luxury's sake.The designer's assignment was to create a connection between exterior and interior, so that nature could be enjoyed from inside the house.
The living room of this villa uses surrounding elements such as trees and sunlight to complete the design of a high-end residence. The SILHOUETTE® shades, with their straight horizontal lines perfectly fit with the classic oriental style of the interior, as the white sheers create an interesting contrast with the darker colours of furniture and wall decorations.
The Country Woods™ Wood Blind in the lobby and staircase are made of natural wood,echoing the natural environment of the outside. At the same time, the daylight is scattered into the interior through the gaps between the slats, creating a soft tone that enhances the comfort and originality of the decoration.

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Quanzhou Seaview International Garden – Hyde Park Villa

"Spacesare designed for different purposes and the design of any space has to reflect its utility."
The living area of this villa, with its spectacularly highceiling,is decorated in a classic European style. It is fully executed in warm tonalities of white, beige and dark brownand looks "regal", in spite of the fact that ornamentation is actually very sober. The silky-soft and pure white SILHOUETTE® Shades allow the room to be bathed in light, but also can convert the huge space into an intimate, private shelter.
The design of the dining room is also classic in atmosphere, even though it is furnished this time in a distinctly Chinese style.It was at the owner's specific request that here too SILHOUETTE® Shades were installed. And indeed the soft, sheer fabric makes a wonderful match with the warm, deepcolours of the wood and marble.
The large-area glass windows add a sense of space to the bedroom and incorporate the daylight as a design element in the architecture. One can even say that the interior becomes part of the natural environment on the exterior, only shrouded by the sheer fabric of the DUETTE® DuoLite Shades. At night the opaque part of the fabric is used to ensure complete privacy.
In this project the Designer has managed masterfully to connect inside and outside, turning the home in an ideal place to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and nature.

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Tomato Design Studio

Tomato Design Studio

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Apartment In Xindian, New Taipei City

Over the past 22 years, DINGRUI Spatial Designhas continuously been promoting behavioral design, and studying the spatial aesthetics. "We strive to create timeless design concepts and transform the language of space.Our main services are home interior and decorative design."

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Gerridae's Waltz, A Villa In Tainan

"Sunlight, air,vegetation and water are the four elements that mostly inspire our design. Instead of searching for luxury and splendor, we focus on creating a good quality environment, in which man exists in harmony with nature."

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Metaphysical Beauty

In this project, a modern and simple design style was chosen, incorporating HunterDouglas Silhouette® Shades to meet the owner's expectation for his future life.
The living room, study and bathroom all have large windows with a wide view. Interior and exterior are hardly separated, so that the apartment seems more open and spacious. The Designer opted for Silhouette® Shades with light dimming vanes in order to shut out excessive light, when required. The S-shaped vanes, suspended between two layers of sheer fabric can be opened and closed in any angle, to create beautiful light and shadow effects. The colour is also in perfect harmony with interior decoration and furniture. There no complications or distractions:whatever the amount of sunlight pouring in, you can always enjoy a quiet life in your home.
So, breathe in the natural atmosphere, and the nearly panoramic view throughthe Silhouette® Shades, of beautiful spring flowers, and the outdoor landscape!

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House Of Cameron

Property Details:
"House of Cameron" in Jalan Macalister with a built up area of 20,000 sqft.

Design Concept:
The interior of this mansion is afusion between modern contemporary and Asian design styles. The homeowner is a Chinese lady with a passion for painting. Her paintings are hung on walls in the style of an art gallery and displayedin combination with various artifacts that she has collected over the years.
The living room and foyer are decorated in Asian tropical atmosphere, using Hunter Douglas Silhouette® shades to allow the interior to be bathed in light. In this way the huge space is converted to a private shelter.

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"What kind of place do you find comfortable?"

It's a simple question but might be difficult to answer if you are asked.
There is a thinking that all things are created according to design patterns existing in nature.
We believe that people feel the most comfortable in the housing spaces that are in harmony with nature's design. These are things, which you subconsciously long for and want to have for in your daily life.
We differentiate ourselves in our work by paying strict attention to details, to create harmony and contrasts between materials, textures, colours and shapes. This is why we make a continuous effort to further familiarize ourselves with the laws of nature and different lifestyles.

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A landed property in Pangyo

These families’ desire to find peace in a cozy and comfortable home had grown so great that they have commissioned a new home to be built in a small city a little away from Seoul.
These are young families with children and a few cats. For each room different Hunter Douglas window treatments were chosen, taking everybody’s taste into consideration.
Although they moved to a small city because they didn't like the noisy city, the owners wanted to create a home with modern interior design. so they decorated the interior with white & wood tones.
For the living room they chose Luminette® because they wanted a light filtering solution that gave easy access to the terrace door. On the small windows they opted for Duette Achitella® and in the rest of the house the Silhouette® Shadings look absolutely beautiful.

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Shangri-La, Hangzhou

Interpreting Space

The soul of bedroom space is tied to its user. The role of soft furniture design is to interpret a style, or even a lifestyle with weaves, textures, patterns and colors. The design must reflect the atmosphere of the residence, the temperature, the distribution of light, the exquisite texture of the materials. Only by following your heart, you will find the true riches of life!

For this project we chose SILHOUETTE® Shades, elegant sheers, with a balanced body form and the functionality of opening and closing vanes. They softly filter the strong daylight as it comes into the room, protecting indoor furniture and making it a pleasant place to stay.

In the bedroom we installed DUETTE® day and night blinds to create a gentle and restrained atmosphere. They provide privacy during the day, while still allowing you to enjoy the outdoor view, and a quiet, undisturbed sleep at night.

The warm colour and natural texture of COUNTRY WOODS® wood blinds gives the study a calm inspiring effect.

With a clever use of the bright sunlight spectrum, every corner of a house can feel beautiful!

A true home is both the origin and destination of life’s pursuit! Hunter Douglas Window Coverings help to make the home naturally comfortable.

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Exclusive Lounge of Hunter Douglas

Spruced up the space with our elegant Duette® Honeycomb Shades, which produce a soft filtering of natural light, with PowerView® Automation installed to move the shades on schedule for privacy and light control. Now that’s a smart, relaxing and stylish space you can call home!

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TMOG x Hunter Douglas Malaysia - Ayuman Suites

You’ll feel at home when you feel at ease. The alluring Duette® Honeycomb Shades, powered by Easyrise® system, not only creates a calming ambience in the home, but also reduces excessive energy with our exceptional insulation-generating design.

This serene and charming space is located in Ayuman Suites, Gombak, designed in collaboration with The Makeover Guys Sdn Bhd

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TMOG x Hunter Douglas Malaysia - Westside 3

HunterDouglas Silhouette® Shades with EasyRise™ soften harsh light into soft, ambient light with its excellent fabric selections that work perfectly with the interior design of choice.

This space is located in The Westside 3, Desa Park City., designed in collaboration with The Makeover Guys Sdn Bhd

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East Residence KLGCC - 01

With a splash of colour over a contemporary and modern interior design, the interior is illuminated with the help of natural light.

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Go bold and decorate with dark colors

Located at the 1/F of a modest three-storey village residence, this is a place that imbued with idiosyncrasy and personality.
A light-toned palette and soft lighting create a warm ambience in the living and dining area, juxtaposed with pieces of Eastern-style furniture in stark colors.
The black window blinds in bedroom and closet create a great contrast with black and white, offering superior light control and added privacy.

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Embraces different aspects of life

Situated on the top of a luxury shopping mall and at the waterfront of Victoria Harbor, scenic view of Hong Kong skyline and an inspired renovation make this home a stunning respite within the city.
This is where the owner could just as easily entertain friends watching the game or could sit and read a book surrounded by favorite personal possessions. The use of Silhouette® Window Shadings allows sunshine to spread throughout the rooms, making this condo feel sunnier and more inviting.

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An airy and accommodating respite

Located in the Mid-Levels of Hong Kong Island, this apartment is an exercise in thoughtfully restrained design, utilizing natural elements such as wood surfaces and plants to create a relaxing home.
The Luminette® Privacy Sheers serve as a partition between balcony and living room, allowing nature light to illuminate the room. Simply close the vanes to make the balcony a private, cozy space to enjoy your leisure time.

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This waterfront home includes floor to ceiling window in the living room, allowing for the incredible view to be seen immediately upon entry. Luminette® Privacy Sheers is selected to create a clear view-through, highlight and frame the stunning view and provide privacy to the interior living spaces.
In the bedroom, Duette Honeycomb Shades for more functionality. Duette Duolite combines light filtering sheer and room darkening fabric into a single shade, providing numerous view-through and help to modulate light that enters the room, giving more control over both mood and privacy.

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Hunter Douglas X Rustic Contemporary Design Project Showcase

Bringing the holidays home, this residential unit in Marikhina City has recreated a resort-like look through stunning, rustic woodwork accenting the many sleek white spaces across. To complete the getaway experience, Hunter Douglas many resort-like shades are thoughtfully placed.

The living room welcomes the dwellers with easy-on-the-eyes Luminette® Privacy Sheers which diffuse light beautifully, along with our Country Woods Wood Blinds™. The Luminette® extends to the dining room as the family enjoys a hearty meal comfortably. After that, they can move on to either the entertainment room, which is draped beautifully for the temperature-controlled Duette®Honeycomb Shades, or the game room for a fun session of pool, minus the harshness of light thanks to our recurring wood blinds.

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Hunter Douglas X Sophisticated Scandinavian Design Project Showcase

This house in one of the exclusive villages in Quezon City is designed with the owner’s comfort in mind - from the calming wood flooring and soothing furniture choices to cozy carpeted areas and fluffy cushions. To complete the Scandinavian minimalist mood, Duette® Honeycomb Shades are decked for a delightful look.

The shades’ honeycomb structures folds gracefully as it travels along the window adding a pleasing vibe that’s almost meditative. Apart from the complementary contemporary fabric colour, the shades’ design actually act as insulation to trap heat coming in from the outside, leaving the space comfortable for a nice afternoon read or a lovely chit chat session with friends and family.

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Hunter Douglas X Luxe Minimalist Design Project Showcase

The Rizal Tower in Makati City being one of the iconic skyscraper in the Philippines is praised for its post modernist architectural style. To resonate with this unit owner’s taste, the Luminette® Privacy Sheers were the perfect fitting to drape the expansive floor-to ceiling windows. The vertical vanes diffuse light into the space, casting soft glow on the sleek wood parquet flooring.

Moving on to other rooms, hangs the stunning Silhouette® Window Shadings, with horizontal S-shaped vanes that float between two sheer panels to transform light beautifully for a more relaxing ambience.

These two window treatments are versatile to create different lighting moods with a tilt of the vanes, even opening up to reveal the stunning panoramic view of the city.

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Hunter Douglas x Contemporary Tropical Design Project Showcase

Set against the backdrop of the mountainous range of Bataan and the stunning waters of Subic Bay, this tropical modern house comes with no shortage of natural wonders.

Characterized by its minimalist aesthetic and relaxed, organic charm - it is the perfect home for families who are looking for a serene environment and a much-needed break from city living.

The home's bright, open interiors are attributed to the large windows surrounding its entryways, kitchen, bedroom, and main living area — lending an abundance of natural ventilation and light. This stunning architectural feature is further highlighted with Hunter Douglas Duette® Shades which naturally complemented the home’s organic design elements while offering sufficient privacy for personal spaces and better control of the home climate.

The Duette Shades look exceptionally stunning, especially in the living room where the home’s sleek modern furnishings and wooden accents are best accentuated. The natural finish of the shades, along with the functionality of its honeycomb construction created a warm, cozy environment for the space.

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Hunter Douglas X Modern Classic Design Project Showcase

In a city where work and hustle often take the front seat, this prime serviced residence in Ayala Avenue, Makati is the perfect sanctuary from the bustling central business district.

A thriving entrepreneur’s dream, this spacious condo unit boasts tons of natural light with interiors inspired by the sleek aesthetics of modern design coupled with classic furniture pieces that create a subtly sophisticated space.

Tasked with creating a home that is both private and relaxing, Hunter Douglas harnesses the space’s natural lighting through its Silhouette Shades to transform the bedroom and wardrobe areas into an elegant yet intimately warm personal space.

The Silhouette’s fabric vanes perfectly complement the home’s modern classic design style and filter out the harsh sun to create a beautiful ambient light. This is especially evident in the master bedroom where the windows line the entire wall - completely filling the room with a beautiful, calm glow.

In the unit’s luxe walk-in closet, the Silhouette provides both privacy and protection as it shields furniture and valuable possessions from harmful UV rays while leaving the room comfortably bright and warm.

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Hunter Douglas x Elegant Japandi Design Project Showcase

Nestled in one of Metro Manila’s premier shopping districts, this Makati City condominium perfectly balances Japanese and Scandinavian styles to create a fun, eclectic, yet relaxing home environment.

The condominium’s windows, which wrap around the entire side of the open living and dining room area, offer great views of the city while creating an illusion of a much bigger space—further emphasized through the addition of Hunter Douglas Silhouette Shades.

The stylish Silhouette Shades exquisitely complement the living room interiors all while providing a consistently gentle, glare-free ambient across the entire space. The white rear sheers also obscure any outside view into the home, providing privacy whenever needed.

The Silhouette Shades are also found in the home’s master bedroom, where its softly diffused light illuminates the room for a beautiful, calming effect suitable for the homeowner’s personal sanctuary.

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Hunter Douglas x Asian Contemporary Design Project Showcase

This remarkable house in Ayala Westgrove Heights, Silang, Cavite, is adorned with the exquisite beauty of Hunter Douglas Pirouette® window coverings.

From the main living room to the master bedroom and up the second floor lounge area, hallway and bedrooms, Hunter Douglas Pirouette® window coverings serve as a captivating backdrop for a collection of magnificent artworks.

The grandeur of high ceilings at the main living room and the clean lines at the second floor hallway are complemented with motorized window coverings that not only provide privacy but also offer breathtaking views of the surroundings, overlooking the scenic hills at their convenience.

Stepping into the master bedroom, Hunter Douglas Pirouette® window coverings add a touch of softness and refinement to the space as it includes a living and office area as well. The Pirouette® continue to impress in the two bedrooms, seamlessly integrating with the rooms' color schemes and textures.

In addition to the main areas, the walk-in closet and bathrooms are furnished with Roller Shades that provides a seamless blend of functionality and style.

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Hunter Douglas x Elegant Contemporary Project Showcase

This condominium in Bonifacio Global City puts a new spin on classic furnishings with a modern twist, combining cool-toned neutral colors with sleek silhouettes.

The living room uses Hunter Douglas Luminette® shades to softly diffuse light, and gives the space an elegant yet modern feel. Ever so versatile, it feels both comfortable yet chic and contemporary.

The Hunter Douglas Silhouette® shades give both functional and decorative purpose to the bedroom- filtering light while still giving ample privacy.

Lastly, the bathroom uses Hunter Douglas roller shades- which is both functional in blocking light and giving privacy, while styling the room well.

Overall, the condominium uses a variety of Hunter Douglas window shades for distinct benefits, yet all giving a cohesive tone to the project.

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