Yukiko Sakurai

Tokyo, Japan
Ms. Yukiko Sakurai is the representative of "Moku Moku House Co. Ltd.". She pursues the construction of a home based on her own world view by contemplating how housing spaces influence the human body and mind. She frequently travels abroad to keep on developing her insights not only the in design and construction but also in overall life style: food, clothing and communal life etc.

"What kind of place do you find comfortable?"

It's a simple question but might be difficult to answer if you are asked. There is a thinking that all things are created according to design patterns existing in nature. We believe that people feel the most comfortable in the housing spaces that are in harmony with nature's design. These are things, which you subconsciously long for and want to have for in your daily life. We differentiate ourselves in our work by paying strict attention to details, to create harmony and contrasts between materials, textures, colours and shapes. This is why we make a continuous effort to further familiarize ourselves with the laws of nature and different lifestyles.

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