Wang Ying

Quanzhou, China
Mrs. Wang is a registered designer of the Interior Design Industry Committee of the National Association of Industry and Commerce and has been working in the industry for many years. In recent years, she has dedicated herself to space decoration and further enhanced her skills in soft furnishing design. Mrs. Wang has collaborated in many projects in the areas of: real estate -showcase apartments and sales offices - private clubs, beauty salons, private villas, etc. Projects she has been in charge of are: Tianjin World Financial Center, Tanfu, Luneng Mansion, Margaux Manor and Five Courtyards on Tai’an Road.

Home For A Well-Read Family

Creating a haven of peace in a busy city is many people’s dream. The owner of this apartment wanted just that: a place of quiet meditation, for the family to enjoy their reading. The Interior Designer has wonderfully complied with the set task, using daylight as an essential decorative element, and filtering it with Hunter Douglas® shades. The living room does not follow the traditional living room layout. There is no TV and no L-shaped lounge sofa. They have been replaced by a wall-mounted bookcase and a super-long stone countertop. Apart from a fervent reader, the owner is also an enthusiasticcalligrapher and was looking for an arrangement that better suited his passions. The large floor-to-ceiling glass windows on the front presented a challenge for the Designer. She abandoned the idea of using traditional fabric curtains and chose instead for PIROUETTE® Shades from HunterDouglas® Window Fashions. Four shades installed in a row give a smooth appearance, inducing calm after a busy day. When the vanes are opened, the Pirouette® Shades block up to 81% of ultraviolet rays, whereas with closed vanes this number goes up to 99%. The apartment boasts two bedrooms, which have been decorated in remarkably contrasting styles: one is modern minimalistic, while the other recreates a retro European atmosphere. In both cases the Hunter Douglas SILHOUETTE® Shades are a perfect choice and naturally blend with the look and feel of the rooms.They convert the harsh direct sunlight into a soft, warm glow and help to create beautiful light and shadow effects.

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