Wang NingNing

Hangzhou, China
Graduated from Wuxi institute of technology, and further studied at China academy of fine arts and Edinburgh institute of art. Now, holding the post of Soft Furnishing Design Director at Pinfen Life, in Hangzhou, she specializes in British and French soft furnishings styles and is known to create comfortable and elegant living environments. Mrs. Wang has contributed to or managed major projects like Wulin No.1, the Peach Garden of Greentown, a Rose Garden in Xishang and others.

Shangri-La, Hangzhou

Interpreting Space The soul of bedroom space is tied to its user. The role of soft furniture design is to interpret a style, or even a lifestyle with weaves, textures, patterns and colors. The design must reflect the atmosphere of the residence, the temperature, the distribution of light, the exquisite texture of the materials. Only by following your heart, you will find the true riches of life! For this project we chose SILHOUETTE® Shades, elegant sheers, with a balanced body form and the functionality of opening and closing vanes. They softly filter the strong daylight as it comes into the room, protecting indoor furniture and making it a pleasant place to stay. In the bedroom we installed DUETTE® day and night blinds to create a gentle and restrained atmosphere. They provide privacy during the day, while still allowing you to enjoy the outdoor view, and a quiet, undisturbed sleep at night. The warm colour and natural texture of COUNTRY WOODS® wood blinds gives the study a calm inspiring effect. With a clever use of the bright sunlight spectrum, every corner of a house can feel beautiful! A true home is both the origin and destination of life’s pursuit! Hunter Douglas Window Coverings help to make the home naturally comfortable.

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