Li Fuming

Quanzhou, China
Registered as a Senior Interior Designer and as a Second Grade Architect. Won the award for "Individual Outstanding Work" in the Shenzhen Pengcheng Cup Design Competition in 2005. Won the "Best Villa" Award in the China Interior Design Competition of 2013. Has been working as an interior designer for 15 years, currently as Design Director of the Quanzhou Branch of the Hong Kong Dingcheng Decoration Design Company. Good at designing villa spaces and creating unique living environments.

Quanzhou Seaview International Garden – Hyde Park Villa

"Spacesare designed for different purposes and the design of any space has to reflect its utility." The living area of this villa, with its spectacularly highceiling,is decorated in a classic European style. It is fully executed in warm tonalities of white, beige and dark brownand looks "regal", in spite of the fact that ornamentation is actually very sober. The silky-soft and pure white SILHOUETTE® Shades allow the room to be bathed in light, but also can convert the huge space into an intimate, private shelter. The design of the dining room is also classic in atmosphere, even though it is furnished this time in a distinctly Chinese style.It was at the owner's specific request that here too SILHOUETTE® Shades were installed. And indeed the soft, sheer fabric makes a wonderful match with the warm, deepcolours of the wood and marble. The large-area glass windows add a sense of space to the bedroom and incorporate the daylight as a design element in the architecture. One can even say that the interior becomes part of the natural environment on the exterior, only shrouded by the sheer fabric of the DUETTE® DuoLite Shades. At night the opaque part of the fabric is used to ensure complete privacy. In this project the Designer has managed masterfully to connect inside and outside, turning the home in an ideal place to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and nature.

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