Top 10 Reasons Why Roller Shades Should Be Your First Choice For Window Blinds

Top 10 Reasons Why Roller Shades Should Be Your First Choice For Window Blinds
14 Jan 2022

Roller Shades are the most preferred choice among house owners when it comes to blinds. They are best for your living room, kitchen, and bedroom windows and go well with all types of interiors. 

Roller shades offer tons of benefits, and our customers' experience with roller shades has always been excellent.

So here, let me tell you why roller shades are the perfect choice for your windows. 

10 Reasons Roller Shades Are Perfect For Your Windows

01 Affordable

In any purchase, affordability is a crucial point as roller shades are required for every window in your house. Lesser fabric is used in roller shades than curtains or drapes. So, roller shades are comparatively less costly. So you can cover all your windows adequately with roller shades, and you also get the luxury of choosing different colours for different windows.

02 Easy To Clean

Suppose you have a road facing house or a house in an area where a lot of dust moves about. In that case, the perfect choice for your house windows is roller shades as they do not accumulate a large amount of dust, thanks to their material and design. They are easy to clean, and you do not need to deep clean them in a washing machine frequently like curtains, which require more deep cleaning and accumulate dirt faster.

03 Saves Energy 

Due to the sun's scorching heat, we continuously use the air conditioner that is set at a low temperature and use the fan continuously. This results in high electricity bills, and moreover, the A.C. is not good for our environment and our body. 

But roller shades save energy for you by blocking the sun's scorching heat to maximum, thus reducing your electricity bills.

04 More Durable 

Along with the look, durability is also essential, and roller shades, made of sturdy steel tubes and good fabric, are easy to install and operate. Moreover, you can automate them with a motorised system like the Powerview to be mentioned.

05 Take Leser Space  

Drapes and curtains do not fit properly onto your windows and take a lot of space. Contrarily, roller shades fit correctly on your windows and are a more practical solution.

06 Can Be Automated

With just one click on the remote or your smartphone, you can control the movement of the roller shade. It is also possible to schedule according to your comfort or the weather conditions. You can even control the shades from any location.

07 Available In Different Opacities

If you are someone who loves privacy but does not want to sacrifice the outside view, roller shades are a perfect choice. They allow you to choose a material according to your privacy and lighting requirements.

You can go for a translucent one, which blocks the view of the inside for outside people while also allowing plenty of light and letting you enjoy the outside view. If you want a completely dark environment and do not want to get disturbed while sleeping in the daytime, then you can go a blackout one. It does not allow any light to enter your room and gives you the feeling of nighttime even during the day. So, you can make a choice according to your needs.

08 Protect From Harmful U.V. Rays 

Sun rays not only irritate you and take your productivity down but are also harmful to your body. For example, U.V. rays are harmful to your skin and can cause screen cancer. Also, U.V. rays damage your house furniture as well. 

With high-quality roller shades like Silhouette® Shades, you can prevent 88% of the harmful U.V. rays from entering inside, thus protecting you and your house furniture from their ill effects.

09 Easy To Operate 

Unlike curtains that are not smooth, roller shades are very smooth and easy to operate. You can quickly close and open them in a second. As roller shades do not have any slats or vanes, the operation is effortless and effective.

10 Privacy Control

No one would like people outside to see what you do inside your house. With roller shades made of fabric, you can get 100% privacy.

Roller shades are a more practical option than other window treatments available in the market. These shades take less space, provide better privacy, durability, and looks and are more affordable than curtains and drapes. So roller shades cover all the requirements of the customers.

With Hunter Douglas award-winning roller shades, you get a variety of colour options to choose from, and therefore, you can install shades suitable for your house interior.

So, for your workspace, living room, or any window for home interiors, roller shades are the go-to option, the roller shade is the go-to option.