The Window Of Hope: Unity Drive

The Window Of Hope Unity Drive
11 Apr 2020
#TheWindowOfHope Unity Drive
When the news is all doom and gloom, it is for even the most optimistic of us to stay positive. With the coronavirus pandemic, millions of people across the world have entered isolation. It is in these trying times that the need for positivity becomes even more critical.

With people locked-up in their homes, the humble window is their only way to the world outside. A look outside from the window sparks hope and holds the promise of winning the fight against coronavirus. Philosophically, the humble window has become symbolic of the hope & positivity that is keeping everyone’s spirits. #TheWindowOfHope unity drive is a social media campaign by Hunter Douglas to unite all the architects & interior designers for just one cause - spreading positivity.

How can architects & interior designers participate in the unity drive?
  • Step 1 - Participants have to click a photo of any window of their homes/ offices/ or any other place that they have access to. The photo can feature the participants themselves, or any other person.
  • Step 2 - Participants need to give a caption to their photo. The caption should be positive and should resonate with the philosophical theme of ‘The Window of Hope’. The caption should be of a maximum of 15 words.
  • Step 3 - Participants can send their photos & captions in the following manner:
    • Upload the photos & the captions on their Facebook timelines or Instagram handle or LinkedIn account by tagging Hunter Douglas India and mentioning the hashtag #TheWindowOfHope along with their full name, city, designation, and the company name. The photo will be posted/reposted on the official Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts of Hunter Douglas.
    • OR
    • ​Participants can DM their photos & captions on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to Hunter Douglas along with their full name, city, designation, company name, email ID and phone number . The photos & captions will be posted on the official Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts of Hunter Douglas.
Terms & Conditions of the Unity Drive
  • Important Dates
    • Unity drive starts: Saturday, 11-Apr-20
    • Unity drive ends: Saturday, 25-Apr-20
  • Eligibility: The unity drive is open only to Indians nationals residing in India. In addition, the participants should be:
    • An architect by qualification and/or practice
    • An interior designer by qualification and/or practice
    • Any person working with an architecture firm or an interior designing firm
    • Any person other than the one’s stated above shall automatically stand disqualified
  • Photo: The photo should be clicked by the participant and should be original.
    • Any photo found to be take from the internet will automatically stand disqualified.
    • Any illustration, drawing, doodle or computer rendered images are not qualified. All entries with such photos will automatically stand disqualified 
  • Caption: The caption of the photo will have to adhere to the following guidelines.
    • The caption should not be more than 15 words long. There could however be an aberration allowed, if deemed so by the judges.
    • The caption need not be original and can be a famous quote or a phrase.
    • The caption has to be a positive message. Any entry with a caption deemed negative or non-positive will automatically stand disqualified.
    • The captions must be completely apolitical and non controversial in nature. Any caption found political, racial, religious or discriminatory in any way will automatically stand disqualified.
    • The caption must not contain any facts, figures, individual names, national or international bodies (ex. WHO etc.), ministries & departments (Ex MOHFW etc.), titles (Prime Minister, Chief Minister, US President etc.), political parties, political jargons etc. Any entry with a caption invoking such names, whether implied or explicit, will automatically stand disqualified.
  • Copyright & use: All copyright to the photo shall be retained by the participant. By entering into the unity drive in any manner specified, all participants authorise Hunter Douglas to use the photo on its official social media handles and the subsequent coffee table book that it shall publish in either soft format or hardcopy format. All entries shall remain on the social media channels and website of Hunter Douglas for as long as the respective platforms permit or as deemed appropriate by the management at Hunter Douglas.
  • Editing the photo: The photos received will be edited by Hunter Douglas in the following manner:
    • Put up in a standard template of the unity drive which shall bear the logo of Hunter Douglas and the name of the unity drive.
    • The caption shall be put, in text form, on the photo. Hunter Douglas shall try to keep the text font, format, style & size as uniform as possible for all the entries.
    • In case an entry is received with the text already written on it, Hunter Douglas shall not edit the text style, but shall put the photo in the unity drive template.
  • Use of Information: The following code shall apply:
    • The name, city, designation & company name of every participant shall be used while posting/ reposting of the photos & the captions.
    • The email ID & mobile number of any participant will not be shared publicly on any social media platform
  • Turn around times: The following code of conduct shall apply:
    • The entries received shall be posted/ reposted on social media accounts of Hunter Douglas within a maximum time of 2 working days.
    • For entries that are received on the second last & last day of the unity drive, Hunter Douglas shall attempt to post/ repost all on its social media handles before the last day of the unity drive. However, this can’t be guaranteed.
  • Other general rules:
    • This activity is being organised as a purely online outreach activity to foster unity among the architects & interior designer fraternity. Hence no disputes pertaining to legality, monetary, defamatory or any other aspect shall be entertained.
    • Only one entry per participant will be accepted. In case more than one entry from a participant is received, the one with an earlier time stamp will be considered as the official entry.
    • There’s no restriction on the number of entries from an architecture or interior designing firm. However, as stated above, only one entry per participant will be accepted.
    • All the actions & declarations of Hunter Douglas shall be deemed final.
    • Hunter Douglas shall conduct qualification checks, as part of the verification process, before declaring the winners.
    • The honour accorded to top entries if found to be failing any of the qualifications criteria and other rules of the unity drive could be withdrawn.
    • Any entry received beyond the end date & time of the unity drive shall automatically stand disqualified. This shall be judged by the time of receipt as visible on the social media platforms of Hunter Douglas.
    • Any entry received on any other medium, such as email, Snapchat etc., other than the ones stated in ‘Eligibility’ shall automatically stand disqualified.
    • Any participant indulging in any behaviour deemed uncivilized or unethical on any platform shall automatically stand disqualified.
    • Any entry found not confirming to any rules, after declaration of prize, shall also be withdrawn.
    • The dates of the unity can be changed at any point during the drive.
    • The date of declaration of the winners shall be made in due course of the unity drive. The date can also be changed, if necessary.