Guide To Hunter Douglas Inspiration Center

The Ultimate Guide to Hunter Douglas Inspiration Center
30 Dec 2022
The Inspiration Centre at Hunter douglas has window shades that are available in different colours and textures, which makes them suitable for any room. They come in different styles. You can choose from a variety of materials like wood, metal or fabric depending on your taste and budget. 

From feeling the fabric of the shades to actually understanding and operating the shades by your own, the Inspiration Centre has got it all covered. The Inspiration center has mainly been divided into seven different sections.

1.Duette wall

This wall showcases the fabrics with contemporary colours, patterns and textures. Duette fabrics are constructed with an innovative cellular design and different opacities. Fabrics are available in 2 variants ie. Architella & Single Honeycomb. Architella is the most energy efficient fabric in our range and can reduce unwanted solar heat through windows by 80% & reduce loss of heat through windows by 40%.

2.Product Bays 

First product bay-  It consists of  Duette Honeycomb shades, front shade of the bay is the Duette shade with Duolite Design has Option of 2 fabrics in one shade. Fabrics with different opacities are combined to achieve personal level of light control & privacy.

Second bay- A unique design featuring soft horizontal fabric vanes attached to a single sheer on the back. The innovative system suspends the soft vanes for variable light control & privacy.The front shade is Pirouette Window Shadings.

Third bay-  It has Silhouette Window Shadings, the best product for diffusing light into the premises. The 2 sheer fabrics convert the harsh sunlight into beautiful natural daylight preserving the outside views.

Fourth bay-  It has 2 different products front that are Vignette & Sonette Cellular Roller Shades.

Vignette – Modern Roman shades that offer uniform folds with the added benefit of no exposed cords on the back.

Inspirat Center At Hunter Douglas.

Sonnette Cellular Roller Shades – it has the simplicity of Roller shades with added advantage of energy efficient cellular construction & light diffusing properties.

Fifth bay- It has our newly launched Twist Shade and back product is the Roller Shade to allow transitions for view through, light control & privacy.

Sixth Bay - The classic product bay consisting of Venetian Blind & Wooden Blinds.

Venetian blinds are manufactured with Aluminium slats. Aluminum slats have the quality of bounce back so in case if tried to bend it will return to its original shape.

Wooden blinds are the blinds to go for vintage décor. Faux wood blinds are good for washroom applications.

We also have Manually Roller blinds with different hardware systems for Commercial Project applications.

Two-on-One Headrail for Silhouette & Pirouette Window Shadings.These blinds are perfect for windows having a bigger width. The benefit of Two-On-One Headrail shades is the gap between fabrics will be very minimal.

Luminette Privacy Sheers – provides the widest range of light control possible with a sheer face fabric to let light in and attached soft vanes that rotate to keep light out. The vanes can rotate from 0 to 180 degree.

3.Different types of Duette Window Shades

Top Down Bottom Up - Control light and privacy in one system. Lower shades from the top down, or raise from the bottom up.

TrackGlide - For tilt/turn windows or French doors, the TrackGlide™ system keeps shades in place during window or door operation.

Sidelights - Cover sidelight windows commonly bordering entry doors with simple, elegant operable and non-operable window treatments.

Duette Shade Two-on-One Headrail & Duette VertiGlide Manual Shade with Center Stacking.

Duette Vertiglide Motorised shade with split stacking.Duette Vertiglide Shades are perfect solution to cover patio doors and wide expanses of glass. Different design options like Split Stack, Travelling Center & Duolite are available in manual operations and one-way stack in motorisation operation.

4.Opacity wall

It showcases different fabrics with different opacities.Duette fabric range has 4 different opacities – Sheer, Semi-Sheer, Light Filtering & Room Darkening. Broad category is Room Darkening fabrics & Light Filtering fabrics. Room Darkening fabrics will block 99% of the sunlight and Light Filtering fabric will diffuse the harsh sunlight evenly in the premises.

5.Pebble table

HunterDouglas PowerView blinds can work with Pebble remote. This remote design has won the red dot award. Pebble Remote has more functionality compared to normal remotes for operating a shade / blind.

PowerView Automation is a protocol developed by HunterDouglas for Window Covering Products.There is a feature of remote access to operate shades through PowerView mobile app. The shades can be scheduled for any time of the day as per your convenience. PowerView Automation works with Apple Homekit & Goggle Assistant to control shades with your voice command. This protocol is compatible to work with most third-party home automation system available in market.

6.Operating Wall

The wall has different manual operating system for different shades. EasyRise, LiteRise, UltraGlide are manual operating system that can be combined with Design options for better convenience.

7.Skylights / Roof windows

These shades are Duette Shades with Skylift design option. Both manual & motorized operation are possible.

Wrapping It Up

We want to make sure that when you choose Hunter Douglas, every aspect of your home makes sense—from the way it looks through the windows to how easy it is to use.

We provide blinds that are unmatched when it comes to material, looks and durability, and our support services are also the best in the industry. 

Come with nothing, leave with inspiration!

The inspiration center helps you progress towards your goals.