Simplify Your Life with Hunter Douglas PowerView Automation

Simplify Your Life with Hunter Douglas PowerView Automation
23 Sep 2022
What's the most elegant way to add privacy to any room in your house or office? Automatic window coverings.

When you install PowerView automation, you'll never have to reach up and pull a cord whenever you want some privacy! It is because they're fully automatic. Built-in motors open and close your blinds at the touch of a button.

They're also easy to control with a remote or wall switch, so there's no need for climbing ladders or adjusting cords by hand.

PowerView systems are great for regulating temperature in your home or office. If it's too sunny outside, these blinds can block the light and save you money on cooling bills. And if it's cold outside, they can help keep the heat out while letting you enjoy the view.

They're also straightforward to install.

How does PowerView simplify your Life?


If you're looking for a way to deter burglars, even when you're not home, look no further. PowerView is the first intelligent window treatment that provides maximum protection with minimal effort.

PowerView can be programmed to automatically open and close your blinds at pre-determined times, giving the impression that someone is present even when they're not. You can also use PowerView as a security measure: it can be set up to open and close your blinds at random intervals throughout the day, making it seem like someone is home even while they're not.

PowerView is safer than manual window treatments because pets and children cannot get caught in its operating chain. And because PowerView operates electrically, it's more reliable than manual systems and requires less maintenance.


You can live and work in comfort if you choose automated window coverings. You can control everything, lighting, temperature, or privacy. With just one click, you can instantly sync your window coverings with your bright lighting and thermostat, allowing you to set everything up precisely how you want it.

You'll get the best of both worlds with Hunter Douglas's PowerView system: it's smart enough to make sure that your home is always at the perfect temperature and light level before you get home from work but simple enough to adjust it on your own if need be. No more fiddling around with manual blinds. Simply say "open" or "close," and let us take care of the rest!

Energy efficient

Why would you want to waste energy when you can use it to save money?

If you have a home with window shades, you know that they can heat your house and cool it down during the winter. But what if there was a way to control your internal climate without constantly adjusting your window shades manually?

It's possible! With PowerView, you can control your window shades by pushing a button. That way, when it's warmer or colder outside, or when there is more or less sun, you can have your window shades open or close automatically to best control your internal climate. 

It is an excellent technique for conserving energy. It is beneficial to both your money and the environment.


Why use curtains when you can control your window shades with a smartphone, smart speaker, or remote control?

No more twisting yourself to reach them. No more fumbling to find the cord.

PowerView automation is perfect for people with pets and children, as the casing's cords and wires are hidden inside. Additionally, they are easy to install and provide light control as well as durability for any space. If your room needs a new style or look, replacing old, worn-out curtains with blinds can enhance it.

Summing it up

PowerView. It's the best of both worlds, combining the convenience of motorized shades with the elegance of blinds.

With PowerView automation, you can create a safe environment for children and pets, but it still looks great. No cords or wires, just intelligent technology that lets you control your window treatments from anywhere in your home. 

And if your space needs an update? Replacing old, worn-out curtains with blinds can enhance its style without breaking the bank!

If you're ready to start enjoying all these benefits, simply contact the Hunter Douglas dealer nearest you to get started.