Shades for Comfort & Efficiency - Twist™ Shades

Shades for Comfort & Efficiency - Twist™ Shades
13 May 2022
With the increasing temperature and humidity levels, it is important to take precautions to avoid overheating. A perfect way to do this is by installing window shades in your home. These window treatments reduce heat and make your home more comfortable.

Window shades are available in different colours and textures, which makes them suitable for any room. They come in different styles. You can choose from a variety of materials like wood, metal or fabric depending on your taste and budget. 

If you are looking for shades that will not make your home comfortable and more efficient then you should consider TwistTM Shades at once!

Benefits of TwistTM Shades 
  • TwistTM  shades can be twisted to create a modern, flexible solution to your privacy and light control needs.
  • The flexible functionality of TwistTM  Shades provides excellent view-through and privacy. 
  • You can have complete privacy when you want it, but still have an unobstructed view when you need it.
  • The bands in shades can be raised and aligned in either the open position or closed position to provide you with an unobstructed view.
  • With PowerView® automation, TwistTM  Shades can be automated and it can be controlled remotely via remote, mobile phone even voice control.
  • The biggest benefit of TwistTM  Shades is that it reduces the heat entering the room, keeping it cool and comfortable. This helps in reducing electricity consumption during the summers.
  • TwistTM  shades appear simple, but they add a classy touch to your workspace or home in general. Some of the colours will also give your home a luxurious appearance.
Make your home efficient with TwistTM  Shades Automation.

Automation can help you with the mundane task of adjusting your window shades.
Luckily TwistTM  Shades comes with an option to integrate with PowerView® Automation.

There are a lot of automation options out there, but the PowerView® Automation is not your average window shading automation.

The PowerView® Automation is not merely a window shade automation solution that can work only through a smartphone app. It can also be operated smoothly through various options such as hand-held or wall-mounted remote controllers apart from the PowerView® Automation App. 

The innovative app turns your smartphone into a remote control allowing you to control a specific window shade or all the window coverings of your home simultaneously. The App works in tandem with the PowerView® Hub and has a RemoteConnect feature which allows you to control your window shades even when you are far away from the home.

This means that no matter where you are if you have access to an internet connection and if you have downloaded the app on your phone, then there will be no hurdle in operating these wondrous devices from anywhere within the world! You could be on vacation in Japan or Dubai and still be able to control your home’s window coverings with ease!

Final Takeaway

To make your room more comfortable and cozy you need to be efficient with light control.
But what if we told you that there was a way to take control of your light? 
That's right: Hunter Douglas has been working for decades on developing the most innovative window shades like TwistTM   shades so that you can control the amount of light in your home according to your mood, your schedule, and the weather outside.

And what if we told you that we could do it with style? We've partnered with local designers to create our shades because we know that every country has different preferences when it comes to window treatments. We want to make sure that when you choose Hunter Douglas, every aspect of your home makes sense—from the way it looks through the windows to how easy it is to use.