The Best Cordless Window Blinds with Amazing Aesthetics

Roman Shades - The Perfect Roman
05 Dec 2019
Most of us are familiar with blinds. More often than not in our offices, creating a welcome screen from the glare or heat from outside. Functional pieces of soft furnishings, their cords often get in the way. But it is also true that not all blinds are created equal.

Imagine a set of blinds that is uniform, has no exposed rear cords, and that can be created as contoured or with flat-fabric folds. We’ve eliminated all those fiddly issues from the standard blinds, and created Roman window blinds that are flawless, and modern. Now, in your mind’s eye, imagine the perfect Roman gracing the windows in your home.

The Modern Roman Window

Blinds Our blinds combine the soft look of fabric folds, the convenience of a conventional blind, and ease of operation. Stacking smoothly and evenly when raised, our Roman window blinds can bring an elegant look to your home, be it traditional, or contemporary and relaxed.


With consistent folds and no exposed rear cords, your windows stay uncluttered, ensuring a clean and crisp look to the room. The fabric choices are vast, as are the fold styles, sizes, colours and opacities. This is the perfect alternative to the traditional Roman shade.

Vignette Roman Shades - Fabric Roman Window Blinds, Shades

Vignette® Duolite®

The Duolite option fulfils your desire for the best of both worlds – soft, natural light, or soothing darkness. Designed to work on a single roller, this revolutionary design combines a sheer front shade that filters light, with a room-darkening back panel for added privacy. It is day-night convenience at your fingertips.

Vignette Fabric Roman Blinds and Shades

The Vignette range comes in two different styles:
  • The Rolling Style – This has a 4” full fold or 6” flat fold, and rolls up into the headrail
  • The Stacking Style – The fabric stacks neatly beneath a low-profile headrail for shallow mounting depths and is available in a 4” full fold

Key Features

Premium Sheer – Our new sheer fabric, Leela, comes in six subtle colours, and can be used either as a standalone on the Vignette® Modern Roman Shade or as the front shade fabric in the Duolite option.

Elegance & Style – All Vignette shades retain a consistent, full or flat fold appearance, and require minimal fabric dressing while being raised or lowered. The fabric options are durable, come in exquisite designs, require minimal maintenance, and are easy to clean.

Ease Of Use – Powerview® Automation, EasyRiseTM, and UltraGlide® are the operating systems available for use with our Roman window blinds, none of which rely on dangly cords that disrupt the look of your windows.