Roman Blinds - Complete Guide to Choose Right Blinds for Home / Office

Roman Blinds - Complete Guide to Choose Right Blinds for Home & Office
18 Feb 2022
If you look at any shopping list, blinds, shades, or curtains will be definitely at last, although they are very significant as they protect you, your furniture and most importantly, your privacy.

But we certainly do not consider them as a priority. Some people even get blinds, shades or curtains from local stores that are not of great quality.

Saving a few bucks, sacrificing your privacy and productivity and letting your furniture get damaged is not such a good idea.

Hunter Douglas is the best place for you to get top quality blinds.

And in this blog, we will help you choose the right Roman Blinds for your house and discuss why Roman Blinds are the perfect choice for your home and office windows.

Things To Consider While Choosing Roman Blinds For Your Home Or Office Windows

1. Colour and Design

Colour and design are some of the most critical parameters to consider while choosing blinds since if they do not suit your office or home interior, it's not a great choice. 

Also, see what kind of ambience you want in your room, as blinds play a significant role in your room's environment. 

With Hunter Douglas, you get a variety of colours and designs that local designers of your country create. So, you can choose any design that lets you get a better look for your room.

2. ​Fold Style

Roman blinds are available in different fold styles, and if you are looking for a complete clean look, then flat fold style is perfect for you. So, you can choose the fold style according to your taste.

3. Light Control

The main aim behind installing blinds is to control the light entering inside and maintain your privacy. 

Hunter Douglas understands the user's priorities, and so, we offer fabrics with different opacities, from opaque to transparent or sheer, enabling you to choose according to your need. If you want complete dark, then go for complete room darkening fabric. 

With Vignette Duolite Roman shades, you get light-filtering and sheer front shade, along with a built-in room-darkening back panel. They are both placed on a single roller so that you get the right amount of light and privacy at the same time.

4. Size 

One should always measure the height and the width of the window properly before choosing blinds. Perfectly fitting blinds, when installed, look really good ad enhance your interiors. 

Such blinds close your window properly, ensure proper light and privacy control and give an aesthetic look both from inside and outside. So, it is essential to choose properly-fitting blinds. 

With Hunter Douglas, you receive proper guidance from our experts about what height and width you should choose for your windows. 

We offer custom size options for every blind in our portfolio. So, you do not need to compromise just because of the size of the blinds.

5. Cleaning 

You need to consider this factor and choose the blinds accordingly, not just for roman blinds, but for any type of blinds, shades, or curtains. And for cleaning, one of the most important factors is the fabric. 

Some materials are restricted to dry cleaning only, and if there is some liquid stain that cannot be removed without washing it using water, you will be in trouble. 

So, in this case, choosing the fabric which can be cleaned normally using water is the go-to option for you. So read the cleaning instructions of the material before choosing the blind.

Why Hunter Douglas Roman Blinds?

01 The Perfect Roman

Our Roman shade has uniform, contoured or flat-fabric folds and has no exposed rear cords. It is a flawless product in which you will not find any of the issues seen in standard Roman shades.

02 Vignette and Duolite Options

Duolite dual opacity option offers both the options of soft and natural light, along with the soothing darkness. So you can either work in the natural light or have a good sleep both in the daytime.

Vignette® Modern Roman Shades comes with a revolutionary design that has a light-filtering or sheer front shade together with a room-darkening back panel that rolls on a single roller. 


Every need is taken care of, from fabric choice down to minor details like fabric-wrapped hardware. We create customs products in an array of luxurious textures and colours that perfectly match your interiors and transform the windows’ looks. 

Our new sheer fabric, Leela, offers six different subtle colours to choose from. For example, you can select Leela as your front shade fabric in the Duolite option or make it your single choice in a standard Vignette Modern Roman Shade.

04 Smooth Operation

Hunter Douglas Roman blinds are compatible with our exclusive operating systems like the EasyRise lifting system, making even the large blinds or shades easy to raise. 

Operating systems, such as PowerView, let you control and schedule your Hunter Douglas window treatments using a remote control or your mobile device. 

Also, with PowerView, you can automate the window treatment process according to the weather. You also get to control your windows from any location. 

If you are looking for an alternative for heavy wood or aluminium blinds, Roman blinds are the go-to option for you. They are easy to install and clean and give a much better look to your windows. Moreover, they are light and more durable. 

And with Hunter Douglas, you get lots of variety with colours, fabric, designs, and even different operating systems so that you can choose the best Roman Blinds for your windows according to your comfort.