Pirouette Shades - The Reality Of Illusion

Pirouette Shades - The Reality Of Illusion
27 Apr 2020
Beautiful windows are as much about what you see as what you don’t. To us, windows are our canvas. Bringing a sense of illusion to reality drives us to innovate in the design, style, materials, and function that paints a picture that speaks volumes.

From Illusion To Reality

There is an art to dressing windows that makes light a companion and not just a friend. Wood, metal, and other such materials is one to controlling light. Sheers, fabric blinds and shades are quite another. Folds and pleats not only add a softer dimension to windows but add a contemporary feel too.

And since every room in your home has a different function, your personal aesthetic will change to reflect that. However, the one thing that’ll remain common to all rooms is the balance between your desired level of privacy, and the extent of light you need to make the room a comfortable haven for you and your family.

The Turn Of A Friendly Vane

When it comes to innovation, Pirouette Shades have taken window blinds to the next level. It has the look and feel of traditional fabric shade, but incorporates a single undulating piece of sheer fabric attached to our revolutionary Invisi-Lift system. With this system, the soft fabric vanes appear to float elegantly, drawing even more natural light into the room.

With a light touch, you can change the orientation of the vanes to dramatically disperse light. For example, if you turn the vanes to an open position, the shades will block over 80% of harmful UV rays while keeping the views of the outside unobstructed and maintaining a discrete level of privacy inside. And when the vanes are closed, UV rays are pretty much entirely blocked, ensuring your furniture, upholstery, and flooring stay bright for longer.

We all have different light requirements for our rooms, and we’ve thought of that too. Pirouette Shades come in two vane sizes and are available with both semi-opaque and room-darkening fabric opacities.

Control Light With A Light Touch

Having beautiful and stylish window coverings will amount to nothing if tapes and cords are cluttering the space around the blind. There are three easy-to-use operating systems available to help maintain the clean look of Pirouette Shades:
  • PowerView® Automation– With a motorized operating system like Powerview, you can schedule multiple settings for your window blinds, no matter the time of day or night. With just the tap of a button, pressing a couple of keys on your mobile phone, or through voice activation when integrated with a smart-home system, or through the Powerview App, the shades will move to its designated setting.That’s the beauty of a system that received the Red Dot Design Award in 2018, the most prestigious award in the world of design
  • UltraGlide® – This innovative operating system consists of either a retractable cord or a soft-touch, ergonomic wand to raise and lower your blinds, all the while maintaining a constant cord length. With no impediments to moderate the appearance of your window coverings, you’re left with the reality of an illusion.
  • EasyRise – This operating system is ideal for large window treatments, and consists of a continuous loop that raises or lowers your window blinds through the simple action of pulling on a cord. Pull it in one direction, and the blinds will rise. Pull it in the other, and the blinds will be drawn closed.

The Last Word

The range of refined fabrics for Pirouette Shades is inspired by the organic beauty of raw silk and linen. Choices vary from soft, neutral tones, to breath-taking pops of bold colour, the variety of which will perfectly complement your room’s colour palette. So no matter what your style is or the existing décor in your home, there’s a selection of fabrics and designs that will bring your vision to reality.