Energy Efficient Home with Hunter Douglas EOS Drapery System

Making your Home Energy Efficient with Hunter Douglas EOS Motorised Drapery System
18 Dec 2020

The carbon footprint of our homes has become a crucial area of focus in modern times. By making the home more energy efficient, we can not only reduce the environmental impact, but also save the expenditure on power bills. Normal home windows lose up to 30% of the heat/cooling of the house. One of the ways to cut down your home’s energy loss is to fit them with the right kind of window coverings and automation. 

That’s where advanced motorized window coverings such as Hunter Douglas EOS™ Motorised Drapery System can be highly useful for your home. This cutting-edge window operating system offers benefits such as:

Convenience: By adding a motorized operating system, you can open or close your window shades by merely the touch of a button, a remote and in advanced systems like the EOS, you can simply operate the shades by using a smartphone app. By using good quality window draperies in tandem with the automation systems, it is possible to reduce the solar heat loss in winter and heat gain in the summers. There is the option to schedule the opening, closing or movement of the window shades as per your preference automatically. Thus, you can experience utmost comfort and luxury without a worry at all. 

Energy Savings: The best thing about the advanced EOS™ Motorised Drapery System is that they can be integrated with a smart home hub and you can even let the window shades to operate independently in synchronization with the internal temperature reading. They can automatically open when it is too cold and close when it gets warmer than needed. Thus, they can smartly reduce power consumption on cooling during hot summer days and on heating during a nice and sunny winter day. 

Over a course of its lifetime, the high quality EOS™ Motorised Drapery System can offer a lot of savings on your energy bills which makes them an affordable and smart choice in the long run. These can be installed on a diverse range of windows or louverings available in the market. For several decades, we have been synonymous with ground-breaking innovations, designs and exemplary performance in the world of window coverings. The Hunter Douglas EOS™ Motorised Drapery System is extremely quiet, unobtrusive and reliable in performance. You can install it to cover windows in guest rooms, lobby, living room, bedrooms, kids room or at any location you fancy. These are among the most state-of-the-art drapery systems that you are likely to find in the market today. 

The installation of the EOS™ Motorised Drapery System is absolutely easy and hassle-free. You can choose to place the motor on either side of the track. It can operate draperies weighing up to 50 kgs which ensures that irrespective of the type of window shades, fabric and material, this heavy duty system will smoothly manage them all. The motor comes with an electromagnetic clutch which allows easy manual operation in case of a power failure. There is a smart auto-detect point integration which helps the draperies to slow down with ease. You can switch between manual and automatic operations  at the touch of a button. The motor used in the system is an intelligent motor that has a safety stop feature and can operate with equal ease on straight as well as curved tracks. 

To find out more about the amazing EOS™ Motorised Drapery System and how it can help your homes save power and score on style, just go ahead and contact our sales team today.