Home Automation - Need of the Hour

Is Home Automation the Need of the Hour
08 Jul 2021
What is home automation exactly? The automatic control of technological gadgets in your house is known as home automation. Because these gadgets are connected to the Internet, they may be operated from afar. Devices can trigger one another with home automation, via an app or Voice control feature through Google Assistant & Siri under comfort.

Why do we Need Home Automation?


You may operate several gadgets or systems with a single touch button or mobile phone application. It gives you the convenience of full control of your heating and cooling and lets you switch lights off and on with just a single click from any part of your house using the smart gadget. This is not only a quick and easy technique, but it will also save you money on electricity.


A smart home lets you control several electronic devices and systems from anywhere in the house or the world. Close the blinds, put on the lights, and keep an eye on security. The smart home's listed benefits are enough to persuade a person to make their homes smart as well.


Smart homes provide you with the freedom to arrange your technological devices in any way you like. You can have the shades closed automatically at a predetermined time and change the brightness of both indoor and outdoor lights to your liking. Similarly, you can personalize every electronic device to your liking, as well as establish timings for specific options to be implemented.


Smart homes make your life easier by eliminating the need to go around the house to conduct various tasks. You may utilize smart devices to handle all household tasks via apps while sitting peacefully on the sofa or in bed via Voice control feature through Google Assistant & Siri.

Peace of Mind

A smart house can also provide peace of mind because you can use the devices to check the doors, windows, and water spill sensors, among other things. You can also use an application to ensure that your garage door is correctly closed. You won't have to go out to check anything.


Small crimes are increasingly reasonably widespread, and everyone wants to make their home safe in this day and age. Smart homes will enable you to make your home safer while also allowing you to monitor security from your smartphone.

Bills for utilities

The globe is becoming increasingly expensive, and individuals are becoming increasingly anxious about their utility costs. Smart home technology helps you save energy and money on your utility bills. Lights are frequently left on due to a lack of motivation to get up and turn them off. Even when you're in bed and about to sleep, a smart home will allow you to turn off lights and other electronic devices. 

How to get started on Home Automation?

Start with something simple and efficient, like automated blinds.

The PowerView® Automation system was created to provide easy and flexible control over window blinds. The coveted Red Dot Product Design Award, one of the most sought-after certifications of quality for exceptional design, was given to this cutting-edge technology in 2018.

Pebble® Remote Control, voice control, and the PowerView® App are just a few of the choices available for programming your window coverings.

Smart Homes

Integrate PowerView® Automation with your smart-home system to connect your complete house. With the help of the PowerView® App on your phone, you can save settings for your blinds and access your calendar. When you're at home or away, there's no better way to handle your window blinds.


Forget about those clumsy remote controls strewn throughout your house. Instead, preset up to six distinct settings for your blinds using the elegant and ergonomically built Pebble® remote control.

Voice Control

Whether you're rushing out the door or relaxing on your couch, voice control lets you open and close your blinds just by spoken commands to your smart-home system. It's the perfect hands-free way to control the flow of natural light into your house.

Energy Efficient

We've all experienced the suffocating heat of summer and the bitter chill of winter. You can programme our automatic window blinds to close in the morning and reopen in the afternoon, keeping your home's temperature within a shorter range than it would be otherwise. There is less demand for air cooling and heating with a motorized system, and there is more chance for energy savings.

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