Window Shade Automation Systems - Best of Luxury and Functionality

Hunter Douglas Window Shade Automation Systems: Best of Luxury and Functionality
14 Jun 2021

At Hunter Douglas, our biggest priority has always been to craft excellent products that complement and enhance your home décor, and make your homes more comfortable. With the evolution of automation in window shades, we have focused on creating some of the most advanced and easy to operate window shade control systems. Let’s have a look at three of our world class offerings:

Hunter Douglas Duolite® Shades

Hunter Douglas Duolite® is a modern system combining light-filtration with room-darkening fabric in one single product. With the revolutionary features of Duolite®, you can add great convenience and light control to your home. Duolite® beautifully diffuses light as per your preference, and complete night-time privacy.

Duolite® is not only an advanced system, but it also manages light control with energy efficiency seamlessly. The fusion of two fabrics into one shade helps control the temperature of the room to optimize your air-conditioning and heating systems according to the weather. 

Hunter Douglas Top Down/Bottom-Up Window Shades

Versatility has now reached a new level with our Top-Down/Bottom-Up window shades. This is a highly flexible product that allows you to operate different types of window coverings such as honeycomb shades, pleated shades and even woven wooden shades. You can operate it in top down, bottom up or even a combination of both to get the desired natural light and privacy control at all times. 

Hunter Douglas PowerView® Automation

Hunter Douglas PowerView® is an epitome of modern technology and it creates a magical experience for your home through the advanced automation features. 

Imagine your window shades automatically open with the rising sun and make you wake up naturally instead of the blaring alarm which rattles you out of sleep grumpily. In the evening as it gets darker, the shades close magically and let you enjoy complete privacy. This craving for perfect ambiance throughout the day is the idea that led to PowerView® creation. 

You only need to program PowerView® once and set preferred scene settings which allow you to enjoy the desired morning, afternoon, evening or night positioning of your window shades. The scheduling can be easily done through the intuitive PowerView® App. 

The integrated PowerView® App offers you the complete range of features for the PowerView® system. By using the App, you can remotely operate the window shades and create customized scenes by setting the positions for your window shades, and once the settings are saved, the system can automatically repeat them every day and make your visitors feel that the window shades such as blinds are moving magically. The App works perfectly with Apple iOS 10.0 or later and Android 4.4 or later versions. 

Apart from the app, we have also created the unmatched PowerView Pebble® which is an eye-catching remote controller which can be programmed to move the window shades exactly the way you want. The amazing thing about PowerView Pebble® Control is that it can also work in sync with the PowerView® App or with voice commands using popular Home Automation devices. 

We have thoughtfully crafted the operation control to allow you to create customized scenes across the house by operating all your Hunter Douglas window shades simultaneously or a specific shade individually. You can schedule the open/close time based on sunrise/sunset timings locally. 

The Hunter Douglas Pebble is a modern masterpiece and unlike any conventional remote control. It can help you preset and operate as many as six different combinations of your window shades, separately or together, by a simple press of a button. The ergonomically designed device looks like a beautiful pebble and fits snugly into your hands. You can choose from ten stylish colours to match your device to your home colour scheme. Our Pebble® Scene Controller activates the pre-programmed scene settings whenever you want, and there is also an option of Surface Controllers which can be mounted on a wall. 

The PowerView® system comes with a super stylish Hub which connects to your Wi-Fi network and serves as the command center for your home window shades, storing the scene settings and activating them as per schedule. If your home is spacious and there is concern about signal strength then you can use PowerView® Repeater which extends the signal range and ensures smooth functioning of the system throughout the premises.

The incredible beauty of this magnificent system hasn’t gone unnoticed, and it has been honoured with the Red Dot Design Award which is the most coveted industry recognition for product design. The award was given to PowerView® Hub as well as Repeater in 2018. 

Advancement of technology has allowed us to build the Remote Connect™ feature which gives you the power to control your window shades from anywhere in the world through your mobile phone. We have also taken great care to make PowerView® safe and smooth by virtue of cordless operation. Hence, it makes your home safe for kids and pets alike. 

Last, but, not the least, we have also taken care of the smoothness of operation by making most of the PowerView® Automation systems battery powered making them extremely easy to install, use and maintain. The batteries remain concealed behind the head-rail ensuring that the visual appeal of the system is not marred.

The advanced PowerView® Automation system works seamlessly with modern smart home devices. Go ahead and contact our representatives for a demo and purchase assistance online.