Hunter Douglas: The best motorized drapery systems

Hunter Douglas: The best motorized drapery systems
15 Dec 2020
Windows are the ornaments of every home. We enhance their beauty by covering them with different types of draperies and window shade options. There are almost endless options that you can choose from such as Venetian window blinds, Roller window blinds, EOS™ Drapery Systems and so on.

Electronic or motorized drapery systems are not exactly a novelty, but, at Hunter Douglas, we have used our extensive expertise to create an innovative and highly advanced EOS™ motorized drapery system. Hunter Douglas has been synonymous with top of the line quality and performance for several decades in countries across the world. Whether it is window shades, window automation solutions or any other window coverings, we have been the reliable partners for homeowners over the years. Our excellent and diverse motorized drapery systems are feature packed and long-lasting which make them an ideal solution for usage in areas with large windows such as guest rooms, living rooms, master bedroom, lobbies and conference areas etc.

Let’s take a look at some of the key features of these futuristic drapery systems: 
  • Silent efficiency: The EOS™ Motorized Drapery System is a path-breaking system which works silently and ensures a smooth operation of the drapery track. Thus, there is no noise disturbance that could distract you as you focus on important tasks. 
  • Reliability: These advanced drapery systems are an outcome of several years of continuous innovation and understanding of consumer needs. We have taken all measures to ensure that you get the unmatched Hunter Douglas reliability with each of these installations. 
  • Heavy duty: These robust motorized systems can handle draperies weighing up to 50 kg which makes them an ideal choice for operating any types of drapery fabrics and materials with utmost ease. 
  • Operability: You can operate these systems in a multitude of ways such as remote control, switches and touch-pads etc. 
  • Flexibility: These drapery systems offer fantastic flexibility as you can choose to get the motor installed on top or at the bottom. No matter which side of the track you get them installed, they will work with equal efficiency and comfort. 
  • Manual control option: Power failures or supply disruptions are an occasional hazard, but, these thoughtfully created Motorized Drapery Systems take such situations into consideration. They come with a built in electromagnetic clutch that allows manual controlling whenever there is a power failure. 
  • Ease of usage: These motors have intelligent control options which automatically detect points where the draperies slow down smoothly and there is also the safety stop feature. These draperies can be installed in straight or curved tracks. 

We have taken all possible care to craft excellent Motorized Drapery Systems which are energy-efficient, reliable, silent and long-lasting. Go ahead and take a look at our extensive product range and feel free to contact our team to get further information and support in getting the top of the line EOS™​ Motorized Drapery System for your homes!