Sheer Window Shades - Benefits, Features and Types

Hunter Douglas Sheer window shades: Epitome of Style and Comfort
07 Jun 2021
Sheer window shades have been around for a long time. In recent years, the evolution of sheers has been phenomenal courtesy of our ability to integrate them with advanced automation technologies and engineering principles. There are a number of reasons why you should opt for sheers as the window coverings for your home. Before, we familiarize you with the features of our world class sheer shades, let’s quickly check the benefits of these shades for you:

So many options: Hunter Douglas sheer window shades are among the most remarkable and versatile sheer window shades for any home. They come in different fabric, opacity, design and operating options to fit every window. 

Privacy: One of the misconceptions about sheers is that they don’t offer privacy, but, that is incorrect. Our sheer products offer a great balance of privacy and the desire to enjoy outdoor views. We have designed them in such a way that you can get the desired level of privacy and light control without losing the freedom to enjoy outdoor views. 

Protection from UV rays: Hunter Douglas sheer window shades offer good protection from UV rays. Thus, these window shades can not only protect your skin, but, also save the interior furnishings and décor from fading. You can enjoy the fuzzy warmth of natural light without any worries with our sheer window shades. 

Controlling options: We have integrated these shades with various controlling options including manual and automatic controls to give you the desired comfort and safety. No dangling cords mean no safety hazards for your kids, pets or tripping risks for the elderly. 

Style: At Hunter Douglas, quality doesn’t mean compromise on style. We have created some of the most stylish sheer window coverings on the planet which can make any room look opulent and comfortable. 

It is time now for us to take a look at the stellar window shades:


The exquisitely crafted, soft, rotating fabric vanes of Hunter Douglas Silhouette® offer an unmatched freedom to create different settings. You can tilt them to allow higher or lower light flow and transform your home interiors into softly lit living spaces which appear absolutely serene. No better way to relax during the long summer days, we must admit! 

Not only that, these fabric drapes are created in a way that they allow the light in a manner that prevents the occurrence of glare, blinding beams and protects you as well as your home furnishings from the harmful UV rays. 

These incredibly beautiful sheers are also highly capable sun screens for your home. Silhouette® can immediately reduce the heat which enters the living spaces by up to 25%, and once the vanes are closed, it can provide up to 99% UV protection, ensuring that your furnishings don’t fade away easily. Even with the vanes open, the Silhouette offers up to 88% UV protection. 

It is these qualities of the Hunter Douglas Silhouette® Window Shadings that has made them the leader in light diffusion. These shades don’t have any cords or tapes, and their sheer facings allow you to enjoy outdoor views alongside offering a discreet level of privacy. They feature soft, adjustable S shaped vanes which seem to be floating between two sheer fabrics, giving a regal feel to the interiors. 


Hunter Douglas Pirouette® is a modern and bold iteration of the classic fabric shades. 

Pirouette® is inspired by magic of craftsmanship and it features softly contoured fabric vanes which can almost magically open and close to allow absolute control over the light filtration and privacy needs. We have created the revolutionary Invisi-Lift™ system which makes the vanes to float enchantingly on a single sheer backing.

You can flatten the vanes to get complete privacy or let them open in any position and allow light in. With open vanes, these sheers are capable of blocking up to 81% of harmful UV rays, and with vanes closed, the protection can be up to 99%. 

We have made Pirouette® window shadings in semi-opaque as well as room darkening fabric options. They come in two different vane sizes and a diverse range of colours to allow you match them with the room’s colour palette. 

Thus, whatever your style and choice be, there is always going to be a bold and beautiful Pirouette® design to match your needs. We have designed and custom-crafted these shades in the US with top quality materials.


Hunter Douglas Luminette® Privacy Sheers have brought about a renaissance in the look and feel of sheer drapery panels. They feature vertical fabric vanes which rotate 180 degrees to offer you unmatched light control and privacy options.

Luminette® is an incredibly sheer shading option which ensures diffusion of sunlight and spreads it evenly throughout the room to maximize the light benefits and reducing the dependence on artificial lighting. 

Luminette® has fabric vanes which can be positioned to reduce UV rays entering the room, and protecting your furnishings. 

While designing these magical sheer shades, we gave complete attention to every detail and when they are closed, our SofTrak™ hardware system remains concealed within the headrail to give your interiors a refined and stylish look. 

Whether you choose Hunter Douglas Silhouette®, Pirouette® or Luminette® Sheer Window Shadings, we offer you top of the line automation options with each of these shades which allows for complete ease of usage and safety. You can schedule the shades to open, move to different positions and close automatically every day, and simply let your visitors marvel at the magic controlling them. 

Go ahead and make the most of your summertime at home by getting one of these sheer window shades for your home today. You can contact our sales team for a home demo or assistance in purchasing the best product for your home!