Hunter Douglas Automatic window blinds: Ultimate Combination of Quality and Technology for your home

Hunter Douglas Automatic window blinds: Ultimate Combination of Quality and Technology for your home
21 May 2021

Windows are an integral part of any modern home’s décor. In fact, the type and quality of window blinds that you install in your home can be a major factor in enhancing your home’s comfort and impression. As a leading global brand in window blinds and automation products, Hunter Douglas has crafted some of the best options for you. Our exquisite range of automatic window blinds is ideal for all climates and homes. Let’s take a look!

Venetian Blinds

Hunter Douglas Modern Precious Metals collection is a prime example of sophistication in Venetian window blinds. We have created a unique (MEGA)VIEW Venetian Blind that features a patented technology which can pull the slats together in pairs. Thus, when opened, the gap between two slats doubles in size, giving you a ‘Mega’ view of the outdoors. When you seek privacy, the (MEGA)VIEW closes completely, eliminating the gaps between slats that other Venetian blinds have.

These super sleek and forever in style Venetian Blinds are made using highly resilient aluminium slats which don’t go out of shape due to their unique bounce back feature.  Therefore, even after years of usage, these super sleek Modern Precious Metals™ Venetian Blinds will remain fashionable and offer you excellent light and privacy control.

These blinds are crafted using exclusive designs and a wide range of fashionable colours and awe-inspiring textures which can make them the highlight of any home interiors.

Roller Blinds

For those in love with the Roller Blinds, we have created Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Blinds, a perfect blend of fashion and functionality with captivating fabrics and designs and award-winning automation. If you are looking for an ideal covering for your large feature windows, then our award-winning XL Roller Blind is going to fulfil your needs. It is a mighty system which offers easy lifting through motorised controls and comes in a great diversity of designs and colours. 

You can choose from different options of textured room-darkening fabrics which can turn your bright and sunny rooms into a dark and cosy bedroom with just one command. For your living room or home office, you can pick up one of the Designer Screen fabrics which filter glare and reflect the solar heat to keep your interiors cooler and allow you to enjoy the outside views as well.

Not only that, we have crafted a whole collection of waterproof fabrics made from polyester or PVC based which come with moisture and dirt-repelling DustBlock coating. 

Wooden Blinds

In case you wish to cover your windows with a fusion of classic appeal and contemporary styling as well as functionality then the Hunter Douglas Wood Blinds are the product for you. 

We have constructed these wooden blinds from the finest woods and alternative woods to ensure that your window coverings always remain contemporary and stylish. These are available in a colour palette that ranges from trendy whites and greys to stylish black and beautiful natural wood tones which can lift any living room, bedroom or even bathroom windows. 

We have taken customization to a new level by giving you the freedom to create your personalized wooden blinds by adding an unmatched finishing detail from our collection of decorative tapes. You can also choose boldly coloured blinds or use natural finishing with the real wood textures. For moisture heavy areas of the home such as the bathrooms or kitchens, we also have an exclusive range of Faux Woods which are made from a high-quality water-resistant polyresin. 

World Class Automation

What makes these fantastic window blinds truly unbeatable is the Hunter Douglas PowerView® Automation system. It is an innovative wireless system which can be seamlessly integrated to operate any of the above window blinds or other Hunter Douglas window treatments as well. The system is an epitome of stylishness, light and privacy control, convenience and energy efficiency.

The advanced PowerView® Automation system is capable of managing all the window treatments of your home and it works with your home WiFi as well as the Google Assistant home control devices. The sophistication is further enhanced by the PowerView® App which allows you to create your desired scenes by operating the home window blinds in any combination of your choice. You can enjoy sunset views and be woken up naturally by the soft morning sunlight. Do away with alarms and cord operated window blinds which require you to physically move them into the desired position and open/close in the morning and evening. 

Get the PowerView® driven Hunter Douglas window blind experience for your home and enjoy the advanced life of magic and comfort! Go ahead and contact a Hunter Douglas representative today!