Give Your Home A Festive Makeover With Venetian Window Blinds

Give Your Home A Festive Makeover With Venetian Window Blinds
24 Oct 2020
With winters approaching and the ongoing festive season, the time is right to redo your home interiors in a way that there is just the right amount of natural light and warmth to go with all the glitzy man-made lighting installations. Windows play a critical role in making your homes look healthy and cosy, thus, it is also time to give your windows the perfect shades to complement the season. 

Venetian blinds have been a classic and popular type of window shades for several centuries now. They are sleek, durable, easy to operate and above all, you can set them in different ways to achieve different light levels in the interiors during the day time. Typically Venetian blinds are made of aluminium slats stacked horizontally and managed through a cord which is attached to all the slats. Our extensive range of Venetian Window Blinds is a great option to give your windows the makeover they need.

Hunter Douglas Venetian Blinds range

Modern Precious Metals collection

When it comes to style and opulence, our Modern Precious Metals range of Venetian blinds will seamlessly integrate with any décor. These are exclusive designer blinds which come in a vivid array of stylish colours and captivating textures to help you create the ambience and aura that you desire. 

Alongside the style statement that they make, the Precious Metals collection Venetian Blinds also offer excellent functionality and light control to suit all seasons. After all, there is no reason why opulence should make you compromise on comfort.

Taking the style and comfort of conventional Venetian blinds a notch above, we have created the unique MegaView Venetian Blind. These blinds come with a patented mechanism that makes the slats pull in pairs upon opening. What this does is that the space between the slats doubles in size, and gives you a much wider and almost unobstructed external view. Fancy enjoying the garden views and fuzzy sunlight indoors? The MegaView will do it for you.

At times when the need for privacy is greater than the need for view, you can close MegaView completely, just like the other Venetian blinds. Not only that, these are made with high strength aluminium slats that don’t go out of shape, and they have a built-in ‘bounce back’ feature. 

Sandwich Venetian Blind

Our Sandwich Venetian Blind is a marvel of innovation, top-class materials and thoughtful construction, aimed to provide you utmost comfort and luxury. Unlike a conventional slats system, this is an insulated glass with efficient tilt solar control and a design element that complements modern architecture alongside offering great solar insulation and privacy choices.

The Sandwich Venetian Blind is an innovative integration of contemporary architectural designs, optimum light control and hassle-free maintenance. These are built with the modern glass facades in mind. They address the need for a high-quality solar control that prevents blinding glares and creation of uncomfortably warm areas due to the large exposed glass areas. You can set these blinds to achieve desired solar control, glare prevention as well as privacy thanks to its variable controls which can smoothly raise, lower and tilt the louvres. 

The louvres then reflect light and allow the designer to create the ambience desired. Thus, you can achieve the level of solar control that is typically provided by window shades. These features make this blind ideal for large glass facades or floor to ceiling windows and the commercial buildings with glass exteriors.

Apart from these Venetian blinds, we also bring to you an extensive range of high-quality window shades with diverse light control, privacy and design options. You can explore and select the ideal companion for your windows by clicking here.