Blinds For Your Bathroom Window - Factors To Consider While Choosing

Factors To Consider While Choosing Blinds For Your Bathroom Window
03 Dec 2021

A bathroom is a space where you get that alone time, which you might not get anywhere else. Hence, it’s important that we choose our bathroom accessories carefully. This ensures that your bathroom looks attractive and covers all attributes.

As good looking blinds add charm to your bathroom, choosing the right blinds for your bathroom window is important! And there are a ton of factors to be considered before choosing the suitable window blind for your bathroom. 

So, in this blog, let's look at the top factors to consider while choosing blinds for your bathroom window.

And we will also share some of the top blinds for your bathroom from the exclusive collection of Hunter Douglas.

Top Factors You Must Consider While Choosing The Best Bathroom Blinds

01 Privacy

The first and the most important thing is privacy. You should consider every factor like the direction of the window and how accurately the window needs to be covered and then accordingly choose the blinds. 

The thought that someone is watching you or there is a privacy invasion should not be present in your mind in your alone time. So, for the best experience, choose the blinds that take care of privacy.

02 Light Control

If your window faces the sun and your blinds do not have a proper light control system, then it's going to be really irritating for you. So make sure that you choose a blind with a proper light filter system. Choose one that allows you to let in natural light without hampering your experience.

03 Moisture Resistance

While selecting blinds for the bathroom, if the material of the blinds is not moisture-proof, then it will not last long. So for extended durability, moisture resistance is one of the most important factors to consider.

04 Easy To Operate

You are coming into the bathroom to relax, and due to some functionality issue, your blinds are not going down or lifting up correctly, and you spend 5 to 10 minutes of your precious time setting the blinds. It is a total wastage of your time, right? 

So first, check that the blinds you are going for are functioning correctly. Don't just get attracted by the look, as functionality also matters.

05 Should Be Easy To Clean

Choose a blind, which is easy to clean as the bathroom is moist. The chances of it getting dirty are more. So, choose the material that can be easily cleaned.

Some Of The Best Blinds From The Hunter Douglas Collection

01 Roller blinds

  • Luxurious fabrics combined with sophisticated design options.
  • Available in different light control options like sheer, dim out, transparent, semi-transparent etc., so you can choose according to your comfort.
  • Effectively control light, maintain temperature and privacy as well.
  • Plenty of colour options so you can choose the best suitable one.
  • Select a moisture-resistant fabric so that you need not worry about durability. An exclusive collection for the bathroom is also available.
02 Honeycomb Shades
  • Duette Honeycomb shades have a honeycomb structure that filters the light as well as manages your energy efficiency.
  • Keep the sun’s heat away during summer but keep the environment warm during winter.
  • Due to its lightweight construction, the cost to mount a Duette® shade is very low.
  • It protects from UV rays up to 99%.
  • The fabric also absorbs sound. So, external sounds will not disturb you.
03 Wood Blinds
  • They are available in stylish greys and whites or other natural wood tones, perfectly matching your bathroom windows. 
  • These blinds have a timeless appeal and are made from the finest woods and alternative woods.
  • As they are moisture-resistant and highly durable, these blinds can easily manage the high humidity levels of your bathrooms.
  • You can add decorative tapes to enhance their looks.
04 Sandwich Venetian Blinds
  • Due to the insulated glass in these blinds, you get the right amount of solar control you desire and can reduce extra glare.
  • You can get the privacy you need in your bathroom.
  • The room temperature remains at a comfortable level since extra heating is prevented.
  • The design is innovative and improves your interiors.
  • They are quite easy to maintain and clean.

Hunter Douglas has been in this business for several decades and knows what is perfect for its customers.

We provide the best products in the industry and great attractive designs exclusively designed for your country.

So you are assured of getting products with great designs, colours and patterns. Our products are also very durable and come with features to control light effectively. For bathrooms, you get to choose from a range of products that are moisture-proof and soundproof while also keeping privacy and looks in mind.