Are blinds the new curtains – Is the New dress up your window?

Are blinds the new curtains - should you install it in your home to dress up your window
18 Aug 2020

Furniture, furnishings, and wall décor are the components that come to our mind when we think of renewing a room. Whilst re-doing the interiors of a home, we pay the most attention to color combinations of our walls and the furniture that can go along with it. But we often tend to disregard the window décor. Architects, home decorators, and interior designers suggest this is the biggest mistake that’s most commonly made by people.

Windows are sources for the natural light to emit inside our interior spaces. They pull in light to our home; and if done correctly, they can add so much edge. Decorative blinds are gradually becoming a popular interior décor trend, one that you should take into notice. Installing window blinds is not only easy but also an effective way to transform your home’s appearance. Though they’re light in weight, they soften the home’s lighting and augment an instant infusion of style, whilst also giving a measure of privacy. 

Here’s a proof that sheer draperies can belong in any home – be it to soften patterns, balance asymmetrical windows, or divide rooms – they’re here to stay and certain to never go out of style!
  • Simple blinds are timeless and can work with both traditional and modern looks, and also anything in between. Since they allow shapes and light to filter through, they come very handily. The way these blinds come to use is pretty clever. Its easy-to-handle fabric works in a multipurpose manner, in a way that it can be simply lined up or be installed and transformed into a spot of art by layering with window dressings, accessories, or colorful hues of sheers!

  • Window blinds work well in a room that features a lot of patterns, offering soft visual relief from the lively drama of a vibrant geometric print. If you layer blinds under a solid drape, it filters the light and also creates a sophisticated look with a chic hotel-like appeal.

  • Blinds, if installed individually, can stand well on their own too. For a romantic, and an airy bedroom, nothing can beautify the look of a window covered in only blinds, especially with walls painted in basic tints of white and beige. If you’d like to adorn the setup of the room, you may even add some well-placed greenery – and that is certain to give your space a dreamy look.

  • Interestingly, blinds don’t just work well with windows, they even make great room separators in an open-concept layout. They can be used to gently divide living rooms and dining areas in a modern house, or even in a studio apartment, without losing the feel of openness.

  • The space-enhancing power of blinds isn’t simply limited to the indoors. In a patio-like space, blinds can give privacy and a sense of being in an outdoor area, all whilst softening and not erasing the purpose of having a breezy cabana atmosphere.

Those of you who prefer a high level of privacy and control over lighting, use wood and metal blinds, roller blinds, or blackout blinds to obtain a functional and layered look. Whether you decide to use blinds for windows, outdoor areas, or as a separator indoor, there are brilliant stylistic and practical benefits that come along. This means it’s high time you embrace window blinds as a decorative element into your room’s interiors.