All Season Styling for Your Home With Hunter Douglas Window System

All Season Styling for Your Home With Hunter Douglas Window Products!
21 Sep 2020
Home interiors are reflective of the owner’s style, and preferences. Visitors to our home are bound to make a mental impression about us based on what they see and feel. Hence, we need to design our home’s ambience and interiors in a way that they look opulent, trendy, and suitable to our preferences. Talking of interior ambience, lighting has always been the game-changer in this arena. 

Would you feel comfortable and positive in a dimly lit room in the winters or feel healthy if you don’t see any natural light? In the same way, you are unlikely to feel comfortable if hot summer sunlight blazes into your living areas throughout the day. 

That’s the reason we have created some of the best products available in the market that help you intelligently, while also effectively controlling and integrating natural light into your home interiors. Let’s go ahead take a look at some of the viral home interior trends in 2020 and the ways to integrate them into your home interiors!
  1. Natural Tones: Granular natural tones such as graphite, stone, and off white are ruling the roost today. They complement the minimalistic furnishing styles of the day and allow light and design elements to be the centre of attraction.
  2. Integration with nature: Elements such as metallic reflections, diffused natural lighting, and plants have become the go-to home interior trends today. 
  3. Transparency: Using transparent fabrics to cover the windows has become one of the hottest trends in today’s interior designs. However, it is the material that you use to cover the windows that decides the real impact and class. These shades vary from fluid fabrics to structured vanes and more.

Whether it be old and quirky or sharp and lean, it is important to take into account the type of your building and not just style preferences while deciding on your window coverings. Clean and sharp edges of a tempting and boldly coloured shade can transform any window frame. 

Large chunky glass window panes are unlikely to make great aesthetics. However, you can stylishly reduce their impact and soften the edges of such windows by covering them with the Pirouette®  Window Shadings which have undulating soft folds and can make the bland windows look admirable. 


If you are conscious about the environmental impact of all the power consumed by artificial lighting and heating then you must know that nearly 50% of all the heat used in the homes is likely to be lost through windows. On the other hand, the heat and light coming in through the window panes, especially in summer can make the interiors uncomfortably warm and humid. Our Duette® Architella® Honeycomb Shades are the ideal solution for such a scenario. They keep your rooms warm in winter and cooler in summer and ensure good energy efficiency throughout the year.  


Sometimes, a simple element such as a captivating pop of colour can transform the ambience of a room. Try one of the trendy Venetian Blinds from Hunter Douglas and you will instantly get a playful window ambience that will impress one and all. 

Our commitment to creating an unmatched interior experience makes us constantly innovate and ensure that you not only get the products that create eye-catching interiors, energy efficiency, and comfort but are also in sync with the 21st-century trend of technology integration. 

We offer a unique and proprietary PowerView® Automation System with which you can control the lighting and ambience depending upon the time of the day or your privacy needs. This system allows you to control all your Hunter Douglas window installations effortlessly from your smartphone, tablet or remote, even when you are not home. 

Our brilliant technological innovations are well-matched by top-notch materials and fabrics. Our product design teams include textile and material designers, technology innovators, engineers, and craftspeople. Thus, each of our window products whether it be sheers, shades, blinds, or any other product, is created with the finesse of expert craftsmanship and the latest manufacturing practices. Our products use specially engineered translucent fabrics which diffuse harsh sunlight and scatter it more evenly across the room. Thus, you are able to illuminate your home in a sustainable and energy-efficient manner without compromising on the trendiness!

Come, explore the world of Hunter Douglas window products and turn your home into the haven of sustainable comfort, brightness, and serenity!